The 1st Massage gun engineered with dual-mode 1) Sports mode: Medical research on the body’s natural reflexive response to frequency pointed out that high-speed vibration can relax the stiff muscles and increase strength and flexibility. It keeps the muscles awake and keeps them in a state of vitality. 2) Comfort Mode: In addition to relaxing the muscles, the lower movement frequency, in contrast, encourage muscles to enter the rest state slowly, helping people to sleep and rest. Adapting unprecedented technology, ELEEELS therapeutic massage gun is a percussive device that helps improve blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, prevent muscle damage and reduce lactic acid level. Recent studies have shown that percussive massage provided by a massage gun can cause muscle tissue to contract 30 times more powerfully than normal voluntary contractions. Interestingly, like yoga and exercise, this action results in muscular and fascial lengthening and strengthening, leading to improved muscle strength and enhanced muscle recovery. This magical combination results in relieving the muscular tightness and reducing the physical stress placed on bones and joints. Labour-saving and fatigue-free ergonomic design With the best user experience in mind, the length and angle of inclination of the handle are achieved through repeated tests by the product engineers. The ELEEELS X1T can be used at the most comfortable and natural positions, be it when massaging the back, the back of the thigh or the arm, etc. Free adjustment of handle angle The all-new inclined handle can be adjusted as required. It can be inclined forward or backward to massage various parts of the body more easily without hurting the wrist. For example, the handle bent at an angle inwards is particularly suitable for use on the back of the shoulders and back muscles, while bending it outwards makes it suitable for use on the legs, arms and front shoulder muscles, etc. It satisfies the needs of different parts of the body. Equally excellent at helping others In addition to using it on yourself, the inclined handle is equally precise and energy-efficient for the user when helping others. It is particularly suitable for professionals who need to use massage devices for long periods of time, such as physiotherapists, as well as sports and fitness coaches, etc. Handle with adjustable angles to achieve full-body massage! 62-degree twistable handle massage gun that covers every inch of the body easily! The handle bends inwards for you to thump on your own shoulders and back without having to ask others for help! How do I adjust the handle’s angle? 1) Press the battery button firmly. 2) Draw the battery (handle) out. 3) Twist the battery (handle) 180 degrees. A ‘click’ can be heard when this is completed. 4) Push the battery (handle) back into the device. 2 massage modes, 6-speed setting, and 4 interchangeable massage applicators Cordless and Ultra-quiet 30% longer battery life Lightweight: only 1.1 kg 1 Adapter and 4 Interchangeable applicators ELEEELS X1T 你的家庭物理治療師。更自然、更高效的可轉動手柄 人的手腕在自然舒適地握住東西時和手臂之間並非呈完美的90度。許多時手柄如果以90度設計,將會為長時間使用的用戶帶來疲累。ELEEELS X1T的傾斜手柄將以更細心及優良的設計,為用戶帶來更舒適的體驗。 ELEEELS X1T領先振擊按摩科技 首創六速雙模式,安靜省電 一槍帶走疼痛疲勞! 1) 運動模式:醫學研究報告指出,高速震频能快速放鬆僵硬的肌肉,恢復其爆發力,保持肌肉蘇醒和在活力的狀態。 2)舒適模式:較低的震频,除了放鬆肌肉,也會使肌肉慢慢進入休息狀態,有助睡眠和休息。 ELEEELS X1T深層肌肉振擊儀 (按摩槍) 結合了汽車發動機工程學及物理治療的科學精萃,是嶄新的高科技結精。儀器中的特強高速無刷電機馬達每分鐘可敲擊3200次,快速的機械敲擊震力穿透多層肌肉筋膜等軟組織,有助促進血液循環,迅速減少乳酸,消除肌肉疲勞、疼痛、僵硬,並預防因運動及久坐引起的肌肉傷害。科學研究顯示,5分鐘的振動按摩療程即可達致顯著的鬆弛功效,提升肌肉力量,緩解頸背僵硬酸痛。 ​人體工學設計,省力不疲勞 人的手腕在自然舒適地握住東西時和手臂之間並非呈完美的90度。許多時手柄如果以90度設計,將會為長時間使用的用戶帶來疲累。ELEEELS X1T的傾斜手柄將以更細心及優良的設計,為用戶帶來更舒適的體驗。 ​手柄自由調角度 全新的傾斜手柄可以視乎需要調節,向前或向後傾斜,在不傷手腕的情況下更輕鬆按摩身體各部。舉例說,手柄內彎的角度特別適合針對後肩、背部肌肉使用;而外彎的設定則適合腿部,手臂及前肩肌肉等。真正滿足不同部位,不同需要。 幫助他人同樣出色 除了自身使用外,傾斜手柄在幫助別人使用時同樣精準省力,特別適合需要長時間使用按摩槍的專業人士如:物理治療師、運動及健身教練等。 兩項高科技設計,定立行業新標準 ELEEELS X1T 深層肌肉振擊儀 (按摩槍)採用兩項註冊技術,分別是Endurance Motion Technology™及 Quiet Motion Technology™,前者令產品能源效益提高30%,更持久耐用;後者大大減少活塞噪音,操作更寧靜,令用家使用時能完全進入鬆弛狀態。產品選用高品質鋰離子電池,每次充電只需兩小時,充電後,可持續使用3小時(高速效果)至15小時(低速效果)。無線操作,一鍵操控,便攜易用,適合外出運動比賽或於家中使用。 ELEEELS X1T 深層肌肉振擊儀 (按摩槍) 具有2種按摩模式﹑6段變速及4款按摩頭,每分鐘轉速可由900rmp調較至3200rmp,力度速度由你掌控,不論是追求卓越表現的專業運動員或一般受肌肉疲勞及各種痛症所困擾的大眾都適合使用。 可調節角度手柄,達至全身按摩! 62度可轉動手柄按摩槍,,輕鬆遊走身體每一寸! 內彎手柄,捶打肩背不求人! 外彎手柄,輕鬆自如幫別人和自己按摩。 如何調節手柄的角度? 1) 用力按電池按鈕 2) 將電池(手柄)抽出 3) 將電池(手柄)進行180度旋轉,完成時將會聽到「咔」的聲響 4) 將電池(手柄)按回機身之中。

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