R1 is a knee joint care solution by ELEEELS, featuring vibration massage, hot compress, and electrical muscle stimulation. Features - Enjoys knee massage on both legs simultaneously - Designed to fit the knees, shoulders and elbows - Detachable and adjustable knee straps - EMS pads for massaging other body parts Benefits: - 3 vibration modes to relax muscles and activate circulation - Hot compression to reduce stiffness and keep the knees warm - EMS pads to stimulate muscular blood flow, enhances muscular strength, reduces muscle pain, and improves psychological recovery Specifications - Weight: 1 kg - Size: 26 x 20 x 13 cm - Voltage: 12V DC - Adjustable Temperature: 40C - 70C - Vibration Frequency: 3000 rpm - Materials: ABS, TPU, EVA Warranty: 1 year (valid in Hong Kong only) ELEEELS Official Website: https://www.eleeels.com/ R1是ELEEELS為您提供的膝蓋關節護理,包括振擊按摩,熱敷,以及肌肉電流刺激 (EMS) 特點: - 雙腿同時享受膝蓋按摩 - 特別設計以適合膝蓋,膊頭及手肘使用 - 綁帶能夠拆開及調節 - 配有肌肉電流刺激貼以按摩身體其他部位 效益: - 3種振擊模式以舒緩肌肉及促進血液循環 - 熱敷以減少痛症及保持膝蓋暖和 - 以肌肉電流刺激貼刺激肌肉血液流量,提高肌肉強度,減少肌肉疼痛,以及改善心理復原 規格: - 重量: 1 kg - 尺寸: 26 x 20 x 13 cm - 電壓: 12V DC - 可調溫度: 40C - 70C - 振動頻率: 3000 rpm - 物料: ABS, TPU, EVA 保養期: 1年 (只適用在香港) ELEEELS官方網站: https://www.eleeels.com/ Manufactured Country: CN-China Weight: 2 Weight Unit: kg Packing Height: 165 Packing Length: 420 Packing Depth: 180 Packing Dimension Unit: mm Packing Box Type: Room Temperature

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